6 – Videogames

This week we talk about videogames – ones we love, our history, and general enthusiasm.

The Topic – Videogames

No new PS Vita
Sega Game Gear

YouTubers Davina follows:

YouTubers Daryl follows:

Videoame Podcasts:

Dara O’Briain on Videogames (Parts are NSFW)

Mass Effect film
Super Mario Bros. MovieNot with Capt. Lou Albano. That was The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!
Heroes of the Storm eSports
The Wizard
Leisure Suit Larry
You Don’t Know Jack and Jackbox

Favorite Games:
Star Wars: Force Unleashed
Batman: Arkham Series

Mass Effect Series
Tony Hawk Pro Skater Series
The Bard’s Tale
Seirra Entertainment

DisneyQuest at Downtown Disney closing
Pac-Man Table

South Park: Creme Fraiche

The Sendoff

Davina: The Walking Dead Road to Survival Game
Daryl: The Mind of a Chef