4 – Scams and Cons

This week we talk about scams and cons, ones we have dealt with and tips on how to identify and deal with them.

The Topic – Scams and Cons

Wikipedia page on Scams and Cons
Phishing & Spearphishing
Email Spoofing
National Do Not Call Registry
have i been pwned
OPM Data Breach
419 Scams
IRS Scam Costing Victims $15 Million
Pyramid Scheme
Miss Cleo on Her Allegedly Fake Patois and Getting Ripped Off By the Psychic Readers Network
South Park Psychic Episode
Joh Oliver Televangelists
Scam School
Scams, Sasquatch, and the Supernatural
An Honest Liar
James Randi Exposes Uri Gellar and Peter Popoff
Harry Houdini – Debunking Spiritualists

The Send Off


Daryl: Pyogenesis – A Century in the Curse of Time